Neil Henderson

Position: Interim CEO

More than 30 years in healthcare, including 10 years as Business Development at Healthscope, with a focus on acquisitions and business growth strategies, contributing to a growth in market cap of the company from $30m in 1999 to $2.6b upon delisting to private equity in 2011.

Five years at Healthe Care (HeC) as both CEO at The Valley and South Eastern private hospitals, and national executive HeC. Played a key role in increasing HeC value from $250m in 2011 to $950m in 2016.

1987-1996 as co-founder, owner and manager of a successful private health management consultancy company, with 30 staff world-wide in markets including Australia, UK, Middle East, Hong Kong, Malaysia.

In 1995, Executive Director of the Kennett Government’s Metropolitan Hospitals Planning Board which transformed Melbourne’s 30 public hospitals into major networks, still essentially intact today.

1980-87 as senior finance officer in Victorian Health Department, including representing Finance in the development of Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs) in Australia, and Resource Manager for North East Metropolitan Region.

Many years’ experience working with Australian Unity as landlord / property owner, and HSPC as architects, and numerous major brownfielding projects at Healthscope and Healthe Care.

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